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It’s hard to imagine a summer without sweet strawberries that grow in the woods. A piece of nature can be transferred to your site. Garden version to plant at home small-fruited varieties of strawberries.

A couple of years ago decided to plant on a plot of everbearing strawberries, but first studied the theory. Found out that is not too fertile soil is not an obstacle for growing this crop: it grows well and bears fruit even in shaded areas. Also learned that the small-fruited varieties will produce fruit several times during the summer.

For strawberries took place in partial shade along a high ridge, where he grew the pumpkin. See more at Digging the soil, made lime and fertilizer. A bed made of width 1 m, length 5 m. Planted strawberries in early spring, covered her lutrasilom in case of frost.

To the current season, the strawberries are already growing well and fruiting. When buying seedlings have chosen the sort of Sakhalin. This is one of the best varieties of small-fruited everbearing strawberries early maturity. Grade yielding, winter-hardy. Berries fragrant, with bright rich flavor.

Care adult small-fruited strawberry is no different from caring for normal varieties: weed removal, fertilizing. In the heat – abundant watering.

The advantage of small-fruited strawberry think stretched fruitage during the season. This allows you to feast on useful berries from mid-June to late September. Another advantage of everbearing strawberries is its hardiness. Finally, small-fruited strawberry little affected by pests and diseases. Anyway, I have not yet discovered in plants signs of any disease. Of course, I love strawberries the slugs. But last summer, which in our area was humid, the perimeter of the strawberry patch put cut nettles. And it saved the flower bed with favorite culture.

In addition to these merits can call that everbearing strawberries are able to grow in one place for a few years, self-renewing mustache. Root new bushes easy planting material is always in abundance. That’s how my garden appeared a piece of the edge of the forest – hradecka with fragrant strawberries.

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